World Conference Of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges


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The World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges had its beginning in 1995 in Mexico City, Mexico as the "World Conference of Grand Masters". This title was changed at the III World Conference that met in New York City, USA to the "World Conference of Grand Lodges". It was changed again at the XII World Conference in Chennai, India to the "World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges" as it is known today.

The Constitution drafted in New York City requires that every effort be made to rotate the conferences through the continents of the world where Freemasonry exists. Bids are submitted by those Grand Lodges desiring to host the conference and majority vote of the representatives to the conference will determine the next location.

In the 18 years of its existence, it has met in Mexico City, Mexico, Lisbon, Portugal, New York City, New York USA, São Paulo, Brazil, Madrid, Spain, New Delhi, India, San Diego, Chile, Paris, France, Washington, DC, USA. Gabon, Africa, Cartagena, Colombia, and Chennai, India. The next meeting will take place in Bucharest, Romania in May of 2014.

The purpose of the conference is to share information and to discuss issues which promote the stability, progress and universality of Craft Masonry. No actions taken by this conference will have a binding effect on any sovereign or independent member Grand Lodge.

The Constitution requires that an elected Executive Secretary would assume the responsibility of the operation of the conference.

The Constitution requires that the conference will be open to Masonic Grand Lodges only.

There will be no discussions of political or religious matters.

All Grand lodges attending the conference will have an equal voice and vote.

No Grand Lodge will use the conference as a platform to seek special favors or financial assistance.

Proceedings of the conference will be printed and distributed.

The conference will meet every 18 months, unless otherwise decided by majority vote.